Monday, December 7, 2020

One Ingredient Makes All the Difference: Love

One of the great joys of playing golf with my girlfriends comes in the form of an unexpected exchange that takes place on the first tee. This gift is never a given; it is truly a surprise. It is delightful and comes in handy half way through the round—if I can wait!  It is a homemade treat, a baked good. And it always tastes better because of one ingredient. Here's more.

Playing golf with friends is already a treat—the time together, the friendly competition and witty banter, the beauty of the great outdoors, the exercise, the game. But, the seasonal pumpkin bread, a slice of banana chocolate chip loaf, a six pack of Blondies or even a bag of homemade mixed nuts is something I savor. 

A dear friend of mine is known for her two specialities: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls. Her athletes and students, those lucky recipients of these creations, note that her treats are "the bomb!" It's true. When she at long last revealed to me why they are so good, I took note.

Haley bakes with with love. It makes "the" her goodies and in the gifts I receive from my golf girlfriends. Next time you get cooking, give it a shot and consider a group that might benefit from such fortified food.

I found one as I read the most recent issue of Catholic San Francisco, The Calendar posted an opportunity of Service and Action, inviting people to "support the Restorative Justice Ministry's holiday activities for the nearly 800 people housed in SF County Jail. Donate cards for inmates to send to their families or treats personally or by offering financial support." 

These are my brothers and sisters in Christ, people we are called to love. Though the reality of being imprisoned and separated from loved ones is heavy, reading about this call for cards and baked goods for the incarcerated isn't. I realized this was not only something I could do, it is something I want to do. And most importantly, I want to include that key ingredient: love. In fact this is something we can all do—whether its for our parents and siblings at a family dinner, in making a batch of chocolate cookies for friends, colleagues and teammates, a to-go treat for your next foursome, to feed the hungry or in extending care to those in prison.

This holiday, we are all looking to bring some light to our world. That might be a good ingredient to include too...

If you are in SF, send or deliver cards, checks or cash to Julio Escobar, coordinator
One Peter Yorke Way.  San Francisco, CA 94019

And special thanks to Brook, Karen, Monica and Haley for the love!!

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