Monday, October 3, 2022

Our Most Valuable Resource: What Athletes Already Know

Not sure how he does it. But Matthew Kelly always has at least one item in Ideas and Inspiration that gets me to hit click. This week, 5 Secrets to MORE ENERGY! grabbed my attention and snapped me out of my post-lunch food coma. Thank you, Matthew. 

Watch and listen. The Catholic author and social media influencer makes the bold claim that energy—not time— is our most valuable resource. In fact, he states that for too long we have been subscribing to myths such as stress is bad, money drives performance, and down time is a waste of time. He speaks to how each of these cultural beliefs is not true. I think he's right. Do you agree?

The five ways to increase your energy level are not difficult to practice or remember. In fact, they aren't even  that surprising. As you view, consider for yourself: Is there one way that you need to practice? Is there one way that you can applaud yourself for making a regular habit? Is there another way that might be missing? I'm sure Matthew Kelly could have named 10 more.

I would argue there are at minimum five spiritual ways one can increase their energy level.  Here are a few that come to mind.

  1. Practice gratitude. Thank God for something specific and something different every day.
  2. Offer a new intention during daily prayer.
  3. Forgive....or pray for the grace to forgive.
  4. Sing a new song unto the Lord. In other words, offer a new prayer or let religious music be your prayer!
  5. Serve others with love. MLK and Mother would agree.
Athletes know the importance of energy. It takes stamina, endurance, vigor and strength to finish the race, to win the game, or play your best. To name the practical yet "secret" steps to make the most of this precious resource, his message is clear.

I challenge all coaches to invite their athletes to consider the sport specific and spiritual ways one can get more energy. Now that's a good investment!

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