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Trick or Treat: Sports and Spirituality Style

I make a point of reading the student newspaper. For one, I'm glad high schools still have them—even if it is digital form only. But realistically, reading what students write and report, how they express their opinions and understanding what captures their imagination is important to me. When I'm at my very best, I make an effort to read the same books they are reading in English class....maybe that is a good goal for the Spring.

The Fall issue of InSIde SI—the newspaper of Saint Ignatius College Preparatory—is a Halloween edition! In addition to a movie review of Hokus Pokus 2, Cultural Folktales, a survey of favorite Halloween candy, traditions and whether or not you like candy corn is a section entitled "Tricks and Treats." 

The editors wrote: Beware of the Halloween spirits that are roaming the halls from the dreaded midterms to the deans spooky calls. Here are the Tricks & Treats we experience at SI in a friendly list to help guide you through the Halloween festivities!

Many of both the tricks and the treats are very creative. I chose a few to include here

Trick – having homework over the quarter break
Trick – getting detention for being one minute late to class
Trick – Canterbury Tales...that’s it
Trick – thinking about the molecular structure of sugar every time you see Halloween candy #TheEffectsofAPBio

Treat – watching the Women's volleyball team win the first game of the Bruce Mahoney
Treat – having early college applications submitted
Treat – playing in the Women's Flag Football game

Thus, in the spirit of Austin Kleon's book "Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative" here is my own list Sports and Spirituality style. 

Trick –
this trick is a treat. In the 49ers win over Rams, the newly acquired Christian McCaffrey threw a trick-play TD pass to Brandon Aiyuk for his first score with 49ers. He is one of three running backs in NFL history to throw for a touch down, rush for a TD and catch one. Treat, treat, treat!
Treat – If McCaffrey stays healthy....!
Trick – still referring to girls' flag football as "powder puff." #please
Trick or Treat? – cheering for the Astros. (aka the Asterisks) only because you want the manager, Dusty Baker to get a ring.
Treat – having both Monday Night Football AND a World Series game scheduled for the same date.
Trick – a rain out game! (Game 3 will be played on Tuesday, 11/1)
Trick – still not knowing the start time on the Notre Dame vs. USC game, Thanksgiving weekend...makes travel tough!
Treat Even skeletons are Warriors and Steph Curry fans!
Trick – Being asked if you are a maintenance person, gas attendant or gardener while sporting your Halloween costume.
Treat – Those who love sports recognizing and appreciating your costume for what it is: representative of the best major in golf! #MastersCaddy
Treat – the teaming up of Jerome Bettis, and Peyton and Eli Manning on campus at Notre Dame for a very special Halloween epsiode on ESPN+ Watch it here

Treat – When students lead meaningful, personal prayer in class. One of my classes is praying with current events.
Trick – When no one offers personal intentions. (I will offer creative ways to do this!)
Treat – Attending the Hesburgh Lecture on the Global Future of the Catholic Church. Hosted by the Notre Dame Alumni Club of San Jose/Silicon Valley, my good friend Father Paul Kollman, CSC was the presenter. I learned SO much and the crowd was highly engaged.
Trick or Treat – All Saints Day is Tuesday, November 1. Is it a Holy Day of Obligation or a Holy Day of Opportunity?

I encourage you to come up with your own. Happy Hallow's Eve!

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  1. Anne - love the Trick or Treat examples - thanks for all of your Spiritual and Sports reflections