Friday, August 22, 2014

Found in a High School Locker Room: When the Game Stands Tall

"Seek and ye shall find." Nothing could be more true than these words from Matthew's Gospel. I use this adage as a reminder to myself. What is grabbing my attention? What am I focusing on? Why? 
This is a book I need to read asap
And I also use these questions to check in with myself. They heed caution when a negative spirit is spending too much time with me. In my prayers, I confront what's really going on.  Am I seeking the negative? Am I looking for a person or a place to let me down? How can I shift my perspective? What might be another way to see or understand something or someone? It helps to review your day and your outlook with this framework.

I was reminded of these questions after watching the Sports Review and Preview video from the premiere of "When the Game Stands Tall." This film, about De La Salle High School's football program and streak of 151 games was released in theaters today.

The book by Neil Hayes became a movie because its producer David Zelon is always looking for one thing: stories. And in this on-going search, he found this one at the bottom of his son's football locker at Santa Monica High School. 

He says, "I was a parent volunteer and I was cleaning up the equipment room. I came across the book, I sat down on a pile of smelly old shoulder pads and I started reading it. By page 30, I knew there was something really, really special—a special story with a special message. I reached out to the writer, Neil Hayes and we met two weeks later. And then we were off on this journey. 

The host, Brian Marchiano responds, "Most people find a jock strap or old socks in the locker room and you found a movie."

Zelon adds, "Well you know I'm always looking for movies. No matter what I read, I ask myself, Could this be a movie? and obviously this one could be.

The De La Salle community and sports fan everywhere will be glad Zelon was looking. I hope you enjoy what he found.

On the first day of my Sports and Spirituality course, I share with my students my personal motto. It is looking for grace. I am looking for grace to unfold at every live sporting event I attend. When I don't think I will find it, grace never fails to show up.

What are you looking for? I encourage you to sit with this question. Why? You'll find it.

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