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Articles I Appreciate...

Kobe wants people to call him "Vino." He believes
he too has gotten better with age.
Had a great couple of days with my cousin Amy, an outstanding runner and avid reader of good blogs. She enjoys reading a popular weekly posting on "Cupcakes and Cashmere" entitled "Links I Love." I have to say Emily Schuman's "Series" of other regular themed postings is ingenious. Inspired by this idea, I thought I might create a one entitled "Articles I Appreciate," Sports and Spirituality style. Enjoy!

The Fourth QuarterKobe Bryant confronts a long—and possibly painful—goodbye. by Ben McGrathThe New Yorker, March 31, 2014

Make no mistake about it, basketball fans have very strong opinions about Kobe Bryant. I appreciated this lengthy piece about "Black Mamba" because it paints a clear portrait of who the shooting guard is today in light of all that he has been as he decides who he will be. 
This shoes means biz.
Kobe is so polarizing that friends of mine have literally picked themselves up from the table and walked away from the conversation. But, this article has also connected me to others in way I would never expect. For example, I noticed the barista at my neighborhood Peet's coffee was wearing these wild new Nike shoes. Think Air Jordan meets a wrestling shoe, oh and a zebra and leopard. What do you get? These kicks. I said to him, "Are those the Kobe Elites." He has never poured my coffee the same way since. And, The New Yorker always include excellent writing.

Simpler Praying by Kathy Coffey 
Coffey writes: "When asked how he prayed, the Trappist author Thomas Merton said, “I breathe.” He probably meant that prayer should be as simple and natural as breathing—or chatting with a dear friend. Each breath we take is God’s gift. Without it, we wouldn’t be alive." I agree, and yet I am not the best at prayer. Why I found this article helpful is that it reminds me of a very humble truth. When it comes to accomplishing (most) things in life, stay with Thoreau's credo: "simply, simplify, simplify!"

This article provides simple, realistic prayer exercises. Worth reviewing, and implementing!
The Home Team by Kerry Weber,
America Magazine, May 26-June 2, 2014

Weber writes, “You Don’t Have to love baseball to find beauty in “Field of Dreams." I agree. And for me, this movie captures what I profess in the Nicene creed: "I believe in things visible and invisible." I do. This editorial piece reminds us of that belief and more:
"This year marks the 25th anniversary of the now classic film that tells the story by a man who follows the direction of a mysterious voice—one that commands, among other things, “If you build it, he will come”—and plows under his Iowa cornfield to build a baseball diamond in his backyard."
The Mindful Revolution: The Art of Being Mindful
by Kate Pickert, TIME Magazine, March 31. 2014

"Finding peace in a stress-out, digitally dependent culture may just be a matter of thinking differently." And this is exactly why I run without music and why I play golf without my cell phone. I hope it enhances my ability to be present and live in the moment. I think it provides clarity and enhances my creativity. 

NB: Unfortunately, you must subscribe to TIME to read this article.

In conclusion, I love nothing more than leaving a stack of magazines behind on a plane when I travel. I can't however refrain from tearing out those that include a great story or insight. In the future, I will see to it that they find their way on this blog. I hope you enjoy these selected readings as much as I do. Please share those that you appreciate, too.

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