Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Next to Jesus, Mike Trout IS the Most Interesting Man in the World...

I walked into Edison Field only to encounter hundreds of grown men and women wearing red foam fish on their heads.   These fans took to their feet with complete sincerity of purpose and total focus every time a certain ballplayer came to bat.  This athlete, #27 for the Los Angeles Angels is however, not just any athlete.  This centerfielder is the first rookie in MLB history to hit 30 home runs and steal 40 bases (he is currently at 35 bombs and 48 bags). He is being considered for not only Rookie of the Year, but American League Most Valuable Player of the Year.  Move over Jonathan Goldsmith, Mike Trout is the most interesting man in the world…err baseball.

In the spirit of the Dos Equis advertising campaign, please imagine the Frontline narrator Will Lynam informing you of why this claim is true for Mike Trout in baseball.  And for what it’s worth, Goldsmith’s teaching "a German shepherd to bark in Russian," has nothing on this 21 year old from Millville, NJ.
  • Words are remiss.  MLB scout, Greg Morhardt's scouting report said "Best athlete. Best player in the world--period.  Best player on the planet."
  • He never swings at the first pitch. Ever. 
  • High School phone calls to his mother at 2:00 a.m. were made to report he bowled 300.
  • His childhood bat was the solid metal spoke to the steering wheel of a yacht.  Should America’s Cup reconsider its course?
  • He was once walked intentionally, with the bases loaded.
  • According to Major League Baseball, its’ goal is “to change the game without the game changing Mike Trout.”
  • This information is from the Sports Illstrated article, The Supernatural  
Time will only tell how the game changes this great player and in return how he will change the game. That’s what the world’s most interesting men and women do.

It’s a fun way to think of people in this way.  If I taught Christology, I might have my students complete this assignment for Jesus the Christ.  He changed water into wine, He rose from the dead, He was born of a virgin, gave sight to the blind and cured the lame.  It’s quite a resume, no?  It’s a “lower” view of how to think about Jesus….but when I really think about all that He did and stood for, I suppose there is no debate—He is the most interesting man in the world: yesterday, today and forever.

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