Thursday, August 13, 2020

Shared Read Discussion Guide: Things That Make White People Uncomfortable

As mentioned in my last post, The Right (and Wrong) Summer Reading, I now present a discussion guide for "Things that Make White People Uncomfortable." About four weeks ago, I posted the photo you see here of the book—its poignant cover shot and the tabs I use to lead me to talking points. I was hoping someone I know and trust had already read it for there are but a few book reviews and as I wrote before, the title lives up to its name. Though I don't know anyone who had read it. I was impressed by the number of people I know who indicated they would like to....and they would be open to a virtual sharing, etc. 

From what I could determine, this is the only resource of its kind. I have done what I can to make this a helpful tool for unpacking the theme of each chapter and for addressing specific calls and claims put forth by Michael Bennett. Furthermore, I added links to articles, a video and a prayer that relate to his messages. 

I would like the author to know that he challenged me and I am grateful that he is channeling his "superpower" in this way. I was impressed by his love for his family, teammates, and Coach Pete Carroll. I value his efforts that extend far beyond the gridiron. I can't wait to talk to other coaches about our summer shared read.

Enjoy! Please use for your own reference and/or share with others.

If you cannot access the PDF document, please contact me personally and I will share via Google Docs another version. 

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