Friday, January 29, 2016

How to Succeed at Sports, Spirituality and your New Year's Resolution

One reason (among many) to write a blog is that it serves as a virtual diary. Writing my latest blog posting, I realized my new year's resolution has served as a topic several times.They include
In reviewing the list of entries, I am able to recall what I resolved to do and why. It has been fun to integrate sports and spirituality into this process. My favorite posting about this topic remains:"Notable New Year's Resolutions: More Parade Vibe."
In spite of this common theme, a common oversight exists. I have yet to write a posting that features tips, thoughts or input on how to help people manage their resolutions. What blog doesn't have "Ten Ways to..." or "Seven Practical Steps for..." I feel as though in tI have succeeded making resolutions new habits. What have I done that has helped me succeed? Who can assist me in this process? Here are but a few thoughts.

Partner in Crime.
Studies have long reported that those who have a workout buddy are much more likely to do so on a regular basis. We all need accountability and when that comes in the form of another person, especially a friend, the likelihood of success increases exponentially. 

Why not tell someone you talk to regularly, a trusted friend who is also excited about resolutions what you have resolved to do. Ask him or her about their progress and be ready to share your own. If this partner also happens to be someone you enjoying working out with, bonus points. They might also be someone worth praying for or with, too!

SMART goals
Hopefully you are aware of S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results Based and Time-Bound. A helpful resource/outline can be found here.

In terms of new year's resolutions however, I believe they only need to include the first three letters in the acronym. It's necessary to be Specific—name what you want to do and why. By Measurable, I have found I succeed when I can determine quantity. For example, how often? everyday? how much? Maybe people are cynical about resolutions because they are unattainable. Create one that is. No one sets a goal aiming to fail. Your resolution shouldn't be any different.

Visual Aids. 
What can and will help you along the way? I am a visual learner and find images, graphics and photos to be helpful sources of inspiration. Maybe you post a reminder on your refrigerator or your bathroom mirror. Don't let these go stale or become invisible. Mix them up and keep them fresh. You are worth it!

I found this resource from Bankers Healthcare Group to be helpful. They break down the goal step-by-step. Very SMART.

I agree with BHG when they write: "Small strikes toward better fitness goals will result in a healthy and happier lifestyle. Get out there an embrace a healthy you!"
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