Tuesday, December 21, 2021

How Does Someone Become a More Interesting Person? One Good Answer

Given that Dos Equis retired its "Most Interesting Man in the World" ad campaign in 2018, the title is up for grabs. Perhaps this is why Matthew Kelly, an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and the founder of The Dynamic Catholic Institute created a video that helps someone become a more interesting person. No beer required.

Upon hearing a friend say "I don't feel very interesting," Kelly started to wonder, "How does someone become a more interesting person?" Whether a person is interesting is in no way predetermined. Fixed mindset be gone! I like his question; I find it invitational and empowering. Should we want to be an interesting person, the opportunity awaits. But how? 

The search led Kelly to think about the most interesting people he knows. He realized a singular question has served him best in the conversations he has had with said people: What are you reading at the moment? Don't know where I rank on the interesting scale but I think my answer is compelling—if you're a sports fan. I am reading "Rafa" The Autobiography of Rafael Nadal. At the conclusion of each year, President Barack Obama posts his favorite books of the year. Safe to say he is an interesting person!

In recent times, Matthew Kelly has discovered people don't read books. Though I am not surprised to hear that we are reading less and less, I find it alarming that this is true even among those considered the most interesting! 

Given that reality, Kelly developed another mechanism to determine what makes a person interesting. He now asks "What's your favorite podcast?" The New York Times finds this question a worthy one as they posted their 10 Best Podcasts for 2021. Check it out for "
Shows about Chippendales, a notorious Hollywood bomb, the search for the perfect pasta shape and the immediate aftermath of 9/11 are among those worthy of your attention.A personal take on divorce. A love letter to Puerto Rico. These shows are among our pop culture reporter’s favorites of the year."

If I was to offer one suggestion for The New York Times of Catholic journalism, I hope it would include Faith Fondue! 

Faith Fondue is a new podcast by author and speaker Haley DeMaria and teachers and blogger Anne Stricherz. Faith Fondue features a melting pot of topics, ignited the flame of faith and guided the Holy Spirit. No politics, as fondue is a Swiss cheese, and therefore neutral. Anne & Haley are equal opportunity prayers; we pray for everyone. Hit that purple airwaves icon on your iPhone or desktop and you can access it!

I think it's pretty interesting. It has three "chapters." We begin with "The Flame"—what's hot. The "meat" of our program can be found in our "Spiritual Stew." From what we have cooked, we garner "Take-Aways." Lessons learned, ideas to sow, questions to answer. I believe Haley and I create something that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Kelly concludes with his belief: If you want to become a more interesting person, get interested. Get interested! Ignite your curiosity! Keep learning.

I don't think we can ever learn enough about God. There is so much to know about discipleship and the holy life. What does it mean to be Catholic? I hope Faith Fondue is but one way to get interested....and become more interesting.

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