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ND Magazine: The Spring Sports and Spirituality Synopsis

Although many of the inmates tell Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding—one of two main characters in The Shawshank Redemption—that he speaks out of his a**, Red got it right when he said, “It was outdoor detail — and May is one damn fine month to be working outdoors.” And the same can be said for reading outdoors. 

Allow that to set the stage for the Sports and Spirituality Synopsis of the Notre Dame Magazine Spring edition. Take your printed copy and head outside. Here's what to look for.

Stillpoint: photograph
Given that I have applied sunscreen before coaching and playing golf everyday this week, this photo of male students curling next to a pile of white snow does not resonate with me or with the month of May . That “famously famous sport of the Winter Olympics” found its way onto campus.

Check out how and why. Print edition only.

Cool Classes During Winter Session
With to an extra-long winter break due to the coronavirus pandemic—students completed final exams in November and didn’t have to endure South Bend’s longest month of the year: January. 

To mind the gap, professors created more than 125 virtual courses that ranged from one to four credits per class. Boxing in America is one I gladly would have taken.

I can’t say that I follow boxing regularly. If a big fight is scheduled for a Saturday evening, I do enjoy talking to sports fans and gauging my students' about their interest. I can stomach the blows, I attended Bengal Bouts every year. I am intrigued by the number of films that feature boxing as the subject, back drop and call that so many men and now women are drawn to... I would imagine this course examines how and why.

Parenting x 3: All Aiming for Medical School, the Ekanayake triplets each excel in their own way

Samantha, Cameron and Derrick. For the Class of 2021, I can't imagine those names don't mean something.

Cameron, the middle child, once dreamt of playing football at the US Naval Academy and booming a military surgeon—but a shoulder injury got in the way. 

In spite of the ups and downs of his recovery, he played well enough to get an invitation from Notre Dame football as a preferred walk on.

He had no delusions about climbing the depth chart or winning the Heisman Trophy. He knew instead that his time and effort would prepare others for glory. “You have to be grounded in reality,” Cameron says. “As walk-ons, you know you might not receive the benefit of your work. But there’s something to be said about suffering and struggling with all these other people.”

I’m not sure what impresses me most. His manifold gifts and talents or his perspective on all of it.

Father Pete: The spirited, energetic, people-loving gregarious Holy Cross priest has become a campus favorite—by being himself.

Take one look at the 44-year old Director of Campus Ministry and you will understand what Saint Ireanus meant what he said “The glory of God is the human person fully alive.” 

My guess is that Father Pete came out of the womb with aplomb, enthusiasm and was ready to roll. To read that he has been on campus for 14 years, as an assistant rector, rector and chaplain of the men’s basketball team makes me appreciate that God-given energy, love of life and the Lord. No wonder he’s beloved...and that he's committed to being that way.

The Classes
Out here in California, beach volleyball has become so popular, and mainstream that it isn’t uncommon for high schools to offer it as a varsity sport. At ND, the Irish partake in what the lake effect affords: Snow volleyball. Side out!

Section: Print Issue Only 

In Closing
May is the month of Our Lady, Notre Dame. Thank you, to the University founded in her honor—celebrating sport and the spiritual life. 

Now get busy living....

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