Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Picture This: My Spirituality

For their final project, my seniors must choose a photo that captures their spirituality. How is that possible? It's not illogical to wonder how an image can possibly illustrate the spiritual life of anyone. It can't, but one purpose of the course is to provide students with a deeper understanding of spirituality so that they can come close. I believe they succeed. 

Some Catholic Christians might feel threatened or uneasy about the fact that Jesus is not often represented in their photos. I don't. I'll let the images and quotes from our readings explain why. 

And it's interesting to see how the images change over the years. Our spirituality is ever changing, deepening, and being nourished by God in new ways. In the three years I have taught this course, my photo has changed several times. The final photo here captures my spirituality at this point in time. Enjoy!

…What we do with that madness is our spirituality —Ron Rolheiser

In loving one’s teammates who most likely, by succession, have become one’s friends,
we encounter God who is love himself. —
Anthony M.J. Maranise

We gradually come to understand that there is more to life than just what meets
the eye or enters the ear.
—Jim Heft

Our lives are involved with one another; through innumerable interactions they are linked together. No one lives alone. —Pope Benedict XVI

It's not about how you use your talents for your own self.
It's about how you change the world using your talents and gifts.
—Coach David Shaw

Intention lies in the human heart. And that intention opens us up to the working of God within us.
We can say that our intention causes us to always respond to the graces God is giving us.
Remember, grace is dynamic, alive.
—Friar Van Vurst

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  1. Anne: This was a beautiful post. Thank you for continuing to utilize and teach my article to your students. I hope they are enjoying it, doing well with it, and that it is reaching them. Be sure of my continued prayers for you, my friend! :)
    -- Anthony Maranise, OblSB