Friday, February 17, 2023

No Losses, Only Lessons—Thank you, Jalen Hurts

Coaches know how hard it is to say the "right thing" after a heart breaking loss. You share the disappointment that your athletes feel. You too wish things could be different. Parents, fans and friends of the program have been put in the same tough spot. What can I say? What should I say? I have to say something! We want our words to be sincere. "I'm sorry" is a start. Or "man, this must hurt." Yes and yes. But, thanks to Jalen Hurts, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles I have an answer.  

In the post-game interview, Hurts—who played in his first (and what is most likely not his last Super Bowl) said "You either win or you learn." Jason Bariso, author of "Jalen Hurts Just Delivered an Emotional Intelligence Master Class. It All Starts with Just Six Words" believes those six words are reminiscent of another axiom "There are no failures, only learning opportunities."  

Here's my thought. It bears revision. I want to make this stick. Therefore, I would use the motto "no losses, only lessons." Short, sweet, to the point, authentic and it's true. Furthermore, what I find helpful is that it doesn't just apply to sports. I think this motto is true in relationships, employment, school and much more.

Bariso writes "This advice is valuable because it forces a perspective shift, and allows you to turn negative events into positive outcomes. But a key part of the learning recipe is to reflect, to think deeply about what you did well and want to repeat, and what you did not do well, so you can improve." Amen. 

For me personally "No losses, only lessons" assuages the sting of defeat. This motto invites a paradigm shift, something I wouldn't force on anyone. I wouldn't have another person speak to those lesson until they are ready And yet, I do think having this mindset allows a person a perspective on where they can stand. There is so much to learn in this much wisdom to gain. Loss can be a great teacher.

In "Venus and Serena" Serena Williams admits "I hate losing more than I enjoy winning." Many of the greats share her mentality. I am not interested in challenging Williams on her viewpoint; that belief is ingrained in her DNA. But I would like to hear what she and Jalen Hurts might talk about after Super Bowl LVII. For the rest of us—coaches, parents, and fans I hope these four words help you personally and your athletes. Lots of lessons to learn along the way...
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