Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Fruit of Inspiration? Sports and Spirituality Symbiosis, A Bi-Weekly Resource for Athletic Ministry

Matthew Kelly, the founder of Dynamic Catholic says
One of the things I've written, and I say over and over again is that people don't do anything until they're inspired, but once they're inspired, it's almost nothing they can't do, nothing they won't do.
Do you agree? 
In my own life, I've seen inspiration prompt action. I can recall specific moments and memories when and where an idea was born. I can think back to that feeling of being inspired and how it mobilized a vision to a reality. While I would argue that inspiration needs organization and discipline, I think Kelly is on to something.

A friend I have written about many times, my classmate, author and motivational speaker Alex Montoya whose personal mission in life is to inspire others has done that for me in countless ways. His bi-weekly newsletter inspired me to create my own. 

The goal was to get ideas for integrating spirituality —>sports into the hands those working with student athletes. The intended audience of my free bi-weekly newsletter is athletic directors and coaches. The purpose of this "Symbiosis" is to give these leaders a quote to break open with others in the field, a prayer they might use for their team or for themselves and a book/podcast/movie recommendation to read/listen/watch! Sports and Spirituality Symbiosis: A bi-weekly resource for Athletic Ministry was born.

With this posting, I hope that you will pass this resource on to those who might need it. I realize there is NO shortage of online resources emerging right now. It seems that this particular marketplace is exploding. But as Mother Teresa said in 1986, "we are the best marketplace. We sell love." Ultimately, that's what I hope my words and writing will offer to all who read and build bridges with young people via sport!

You can read it here and subscribe if/as interested (see top, left corner)

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