Saturday, April 15, 2017

An Ode to Joy: Sports and Spirituality Style

The two great religious holidays for Christians, Easter and Christmas cannot be understood or appreciated without one important sentiment, one striking virtue: joy. 

Thinking about this Easter joy prompted me to read a postcard with the message "She practices random acts of joy" a little differently. This colorful placard named "36 things that bring Deborah Lloyd joy." The designer, created an Ode to Joy in naming experiences, memories and even sensory delights that strike joy—"in no particular order." I circled the ones that resonated with me and created my own list, Sports and Spirituality style.

  1. A good "no-look" pass
  2. Buster Hugs (San Francisco Giants catcher, Buster Posey)
  3. Putting for birdie , Making the putt for birdie
  4. Multi-sport athletes
  5. Drive of the day! (golf)
  6. The runner's high
  7. Being sore, the day after a workout
  8. Hang time (volleyball)
  9. Three up, three down (baseball—by your own team when on defense)
  10. Cresting the hill
  11. Coffee after the a.m. workout 
  12. Swish!
  13. The Zamboni
  14. Stories from Bengal Bouts
  15. The "Rocky" theme
  16. Watching a talented hurdler run his or her race
  17. The language of rowing (crew)
  18. The sound of rowing (from within the boat)
  19. A good tight end (interpret as you may....but please think football)
  20. The Masters
  21. The Olympic Club
  22. Steam or sauna?
  23. Michael Phelps swimming Butterfly—the most beautiful and challenging stroke in swimming
  24. SI girls' (and boys') golf
  25. Watching DeShone Kizer and Will Fuller on the sidelines, breathing heavily, smiling and recalling the play they just executed for a TD
  26. Mile 26 of the marathon (it ends at 26.2)
  27. Band of the Fightin' Irish
  28. A good rivalry: ND vs. USC, Giants vs. Dodgers, SI vs. SHCP
  29. ESPN's "30 for 30"
  30. Wheels (the perfect way to describe a fast athlete)
  31. World Series parade(s)
  32. Game, set, match: Serena Williams
  33. Keeping score at a baseball game (especially with my brother)
  34. Bookstore Basketball 
  35. "Thompson for 3!!!"
  36. The Warriors pregame dance

  1. Forgiveness
  2. John 3:16
  3. Shrine of St. Jude
  4. The blue on the habit of the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa's religious community)
  5. St. Dominic's parish
  6. Catholic education
  7. The Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE teaching program)
  8. Notre Dame—Our Lady
  9. The University of Notre Dame
  10. The Grotto
  11. Team chaplains
  12. Sts. Francis and Clare
  13. Caravaggio's "Doubting Thomas"
  14. James Martin, SJ 
  15. Angels
  16. Romero Center
  17. Homeboy Industries
  18. The Eucharist: both species
  19. Take Lord, Receive
  20. Holy Thursday Mass
  21. Nature
  22. Baccalaureate Mass
  23. First Reconciliation
  24. The sign of peace
  25. Parish Fall Festivals
  26. Answered prayers
  27. Unanswered prayers 
  28. The Annunciation
  29. World Youth Day
  30. Retreats
  31. The prayer of St. Ignatius of Loyola
  32. Grace before meals
  33. Taking a stand for life, all life
  34. "Peter's Confession of Jesus"/"Who Do You Say That I Am?"
  35. The Incarnation
  36. His life, death, and resurrection
He is Risen! Easter joy!
A Happy and Holy Easter!

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