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Rapid Fire for Coaches & Teachers: Thank You David Ferhety

This Lent, I have had a different faculty member speak for 5-10 minutes at the beginning of class about a spiritual discipline they employ. It has been a wonderful way to commence Sports and Spirituality and stay mindful of the Lenten season..I have been humbled by the beautifully thoughtful practices my colleagues employ. Some of them include:
  • The Examen
  • The Rosary
  • Motherhood
  • Corporal Works of Mercy
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Marriage.
As a fun and new way to introduce these faculty members, I have adapted the Golf channel  popular show "Ferhety" into my class.
On a weekly basis, the former golf pro, now analyst interviews a celebrity in the context of golf. While it should be no surprise that former guests include Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson, others include George W. Bush. Donald Trump and Charles Barkley.

The show waffles back and forth between the in-studio interview and his conversation before a live audience. The Northern Irishman is never short on humorous anecdotes and his quick wit serves him (and the show) well.  It's a fun program, but the highlight of each episode is the singular minute entitled "Rapid Fire: Short Answers to Pointless Questions." It's a game of "forced choice" and each set of questions is catered to a specific person and their passions. What unfolds in that repartee is insight into the guest in an unexpected, lighthearted way. Here's what was shared during the recent interview of the number one golfer in the world, Jordan Spieth.
Question: Sherlock Holmes or James Bond?
JS: Bond

Question: Social Media: Twitter or Instagram?
JS: Snap Chat

Question: "Anchorman" or "The Hangover"
JS: oooh....both...I guess Anchorman

Question: Michael Jordan or LeBron James
JS: Jordan (who coincidentally is named after Michael Jordan)

Question: College Football of the NFL

Question: Who on the tour would you prefer to play a round of golf with?
JS: Webb Simpson (GOOD answer!!)

Question: What island do you prefer Maui or Manhattan?
JS: Maui  (a no brainer for any golfer)

Question: Favorite moment as a sports fan / spectator?
JS: Dallis Mavericks 2011, it's really my only real championship (I love what he said here)

Question: A word to describe Ricky Fowler's sense of style is
JS: different than mine

Question: What's on your iPod?
JS: a bit of everything...maybe a bit different than what's on Ricky's

Question: How many Taylor Smith concerts have you been to:
JS: Not enough

Question: How excited are you that in a few years you'll be able to rent a car?
JS: head back, deep laugh. (I remember what a great moment that was for me 17 years ago!)

Teachers, Coaches and anyone who is hosting a guest speaker, "Rapid Fire" is a fun and innovative way to familiarize a speaker with the audience. Though talking about one's spiritual discipline isn't overly personal or difficult, the questions I have asked via "Rapid Fire" have made the adult standing in front of my students a little more relatable.

Below are many of the questions I have used. Amend them for your classroom, community or team. Enjoy!

Question: Warriors or Giants
Question: Stephen Curry or LeBron James
Question: Under Armour or Nike
Question: Matthew, Mark, Luke or John
Question: First word that comes to mind when I say "St. Ignatius?"

Question: First word that comes to mind when I say "Notre Dame?"
Question: Creamy or Chunky...peanut butter

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