Sunday, January 19, 2020

What does is it mean to be FAITHFUL: Go Niners!

Upon leaving mass today, a friend said, "the Faithful are back!" Given what we just heard inside the Church, I said, "Isn't that contrary to what that title means? Faithful then...Faithful now...right?" This is a question, I hope to ask the Holy Cross Fellowship group at St. Francis High School where I teach and coach.
Once a month a 7:45 a.m. in the film room of the athletic department, a group of faithful student athletes and super sports fans gather for prayer. Similar to Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) our group seeks to bring together their great passion and mine: Sports and Spirituality.

The early December meeting was buzzing. Anticipation and excitement filled the room as we awaited the arrival of two San Francisco 49ers— devout Christians—ready and eager to bear witness and share their faith. With donuts and juice in hand, the student led icebreaker was Forty Niner trivia.

I was so proud of this young woman who created an informal and thorough Google Presentation for her peers and the other coaches and teachers in the room to play. Although most questions stumped the high school students, I am always amazed at what some young people DO know. I encourage you—Niner fan or not—to learn something about the team who is battling for the NFC Championship title later today.
The 49ers refer to their fan base as "The Faithful." The move to Santa Clara, the losing records, the problematic and on and off the field behavior of several players has challenged, yet illuminated the question: What does it mean to fe faithful? What does it mean to have faith in a team? a person? a program? and ultimately our God? This is the question I would like to break open with this Fellowship group when we gather again...maybe before the Super Bowl?!

A plug for the 49er FAITHFUL is an appeal to those who have loyalty and dedication. However, without wisdom and knowledge—who we are and how we got here—faithfulness is short-sighted. Institutional knowledge, historic biographies and prior accomplishments paint a more vibrant picture of what we are committed to today.
Thank you Leona for reminding or teaching us where the Niners played as a charter member of the AAFC, how many HOF QBs they have from the 20th Century, just how great Jerry Rice is and how many Lombardi trophies are in the house. Here's to many more....more history, more to celebrate and more faith...and FAITHFUL. 

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